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Downtown HuntingtonLongtime followers and newcomers to Downtown Huntington on social media can now get the inside scoop on the city’s burgeoning music and arts scenes, excellent eats and more from DowntownHuntington.net.

How many times has someone said, “What is there to do in Huntington?” Well, you came to the right place. With an up-to-date calendar and unique insights into the happenings around town, DowntownHuntington.net is leading the crusade against boredom.

Because the truth is, Huntington has plenty to offer. From the Huntington Museum of Art in the South Hills, to “Picnic With The Pops” at Harris Riverfront Park, there’s rarely a dull moment on this side of the Ohio River.

No agenda, no bias, no bull.

Pullman SquareDowntownHuntington.net offers the freshest perspectives from local leaders, artists and prominent citizens to provoke thoughtful discussions throughout the city.

We’re the conversation starters.

The first of its kind in the tri-state, the seeds for DowntownHuntington.net were planted 5 years ago with the founding of the Downtown Huntington Facebook page. Since then, the page has cultivated a loyal following of more than 27,000 people and 7,000 more on Twitter.

With so much growing support, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Downtown Huntington Media Network’s flagship website.

So if you’re looking for an online hub for all that there is to do in downtown #HuntingtonWV, you’ll need look no further than DowntownHuntington.net.

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