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Mountain Health, Marshall University, and Marshall Health will utilize space to create an innovative “Geriatric Center for Excellence,” Cornerstone said in a press release.


On the first floor, Hospice of Huntington will facilitate a medical day center for aging adults; and the Metro Area Agency on Aging will house a resource and referral center in the building for disabled seniors who may have otherwise been unable to utilize that help.


regarding the West Virginia Housing Development Fund adopting a resolution to approve the issuance of up to $27 million to assist in the redevelopment. This comprises a little over half of the $51 million needed to complete the project.


After the bond passed, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams said: “The City is excited to see the renovation of the Prichard Building begin soon, as it represents an estimated $50 million investment in our downtown. The City of Huntington and Huntington Wayne Consortium Board are partners in the project through the approval of an $800,000 allocation of Cabell-Huntington-Wayne HOME Investment funds. The outcome of this renovation will be much-needed services to our senior citizens on the first two floors and affordable, one-bedroom apartments for senior citizens on floors three through thirteen.”


“This area is filled with amazing people and amazing opportunities,” Vice President of Cornerstone Community Development Corp. Randy Saunders said. “I hope this project serves as a beacon of hope for this community. A reminder that nothing is too far gone. That no one is without hope. Take off the lens of negativity and see what can be overcome.”



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