presents: “People of Huntington,” where we intend to profile as many residents of the Jewel City, from as many different walks of life, as we can. In our newest installment, we talk to Mr. Tristan Rhodes.

Do you have any siblings?

 -I have a sister (Juliette) and 2 brothers (Brayden and Connor)

Are you a morning or evening person? 

-I would like to say I am an evening person, but if I am not doing some sort of activity by 11am, I get a little stir crazy.

What are you most known for, especially among your friends? 

-Spontaneousness. I am always coming up with some dumb plan to have fun while my friends just laugh at how ridiculous each plan is. I am very extroverted while my friends are more introverted.

What do you do in your free time? 

-I collect comic books and other nerdy collectables. My favorite item I’ve collected (so far) is my Karate Kommandos #1 signed by Chuck Norris. I got to meet him when he came to Huntington last year. He’s a very nice guy!

What hobby would you get into if you had the time and money?

-Cooking! I love to cook and try new recipes, but it can be a bit pricey, and I work too many hours to cook when I get home. If not for my amazing fiance, I’d probably eat Cup Noodles every night.

If there were an Olympics for everyday activities, what would you have a good chance of winning a medal in?

-I got stuck answering this question, so I asked a co-worker and they said “Procrastination” and given I am at work taking this interview, I would have to say it’s pretty accurate.

If you had enough money to not need one, what would be your “job”?

-I would LOVE to be a voice actor for a cartoon! I do silly voices to entertain my siblings and make them laugh, so it would be nice to be able to make what I already do into a career that can make thousands of people happy!

What are some accomplishments you’re really proud of?

-I am 21 and already have a stable job in an industry I love and am planning my wedding. I know these are things that everyday people do, but growing up with divorced parents and having financial troubles growing up makes you really appreciate the things you do have.

-Also, when I worked at Speedway, I sold the most candy bars for charity and the head of the event (I believe it was for WVUMedicine Children’s) came to meet with me. It was really cool considering I only worked at Speedway for maybe a month before this happened. It made me feel like I could do anything if I put my mind to it. A week or 2 later I quit that job in pursuit of a job in auto sales, which is what I do now.

Are you from Huntington? If not, what brings you to Huntington? 

-I am originally from Barboursville and was living at home when I met my wonderful fiancé, Mallory. She goes to school at Marshall, and I basically moved into her dorm with her given how often I stayed the night. She’s currently working on her doctoral degree in psychology and has a few years left, so we and her roommate got an apartment near campus together. We love the area and I have a good job in a business I am happy in, so we are thinking of planting our roots here.

What are three things you like best about Huntington? 

-How close everything is. Want to go to campus? 4 min walk. Want to go to the park? 3 min drive. Want to see a movie? Marquee is just down the street, and you can grab dinner at Rooster’s once you’re done. I never really have to leave town for anything.

-It is so easy to navigate this town. The street/avenue system we have going on here is amazing.

-The local shops/events here are so much fun! The Loud is always having some sort of themed nights and Marquee Cinema is always playing old movies like “Top Gun” or something to that effect. No matter what you are into, there is something for you in Huntington!

What are three things you’d like to change?

-Hire more garbage truck workers during the beginning and end of the school year. My street is covered in trash and empty boxes from everyone moving in for the school year right now. 1 trash day a week just doesn’t cover it this time of year. I know that’s not a possibility with other problems taking priority, but in a perfect world ya know.

-Have a service for cleaning up biohazards like needles. There may already be one and I don’t know about it, but I have found needles in my front yard before and I didn’t know who to call. If there is a service, maybe make it more advertised so the public has more access to it.

-Have a program in place for neighborhoods to have homes/sidewalks power washed by city employed professionals. When I drive through town, a lot of homes and older buildings have grown dirty and make the city as a whole look gross. I know many can’t afford a professional to come out and spray down their home, but I do think a simple power wash would do wonders for the outward appearance for Huntington.

What is/are your favorite restaurant(s) in the Huntington metro? Why?

-21 at the Frederick! Me and my fiancé go there maybe 2 times a year because it’s a bit pricey, but it is worth it every time! I suggest the Eggplant Parmesan.

-For a simple night when neither of us have the time to cook, DP Dough is a definite way to go for good food and quick delivery.

Favorite shop(s)? Why?

-Inner Geek for sure! I love comics and my fiancé loves books, so it’s the one place that has something we both enjoy!

Any local and/or small businesses you’d like to acknowledge?

-River City Subaru. I’ve worked there for a couple of years, and I could not speak more highly of the owner (Ikie Light) and management for what they have done for me and my family.

What is a food you’ve had that you enjoy that you can’t find in Huntington?

-A Monte Cristo has to be the BEST sandwich I’ve ever had.

What are some things everybody should try at least once?

-Going to the Stonewall. It may not be for everyone, I know I never would have gone if not for some friends, but I have come to love going there on occasion.

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever been?


-Frat Row on Halloween is insane. I once saw a light fixture collapse in the middle of a party and watched a bunch of engineering majors try to fix it while everyone around them kept partying… It fell 5 mins later and hit someone in the head… The party never skipped a beat.


-I went to San Francisco once and it was the most bizarre place. I had a homeless man pull me aside on the street and ask me if I was hungry. Coincidentally I was and he told me to follow him down a dimly lit alleyway for the “best seafood you’ll ever eat”. We are always taught “Stranger Danger” as a kid, but that was some amazing salmon. Later that day I went to the pier to play PokemonGo (this was when it first became popular). I left for dinner and considered going back to play some more, but ultimately decided against it. When I got back to my room, I was told someone got shot there during a robbery maybe 5 mins prior to ne getting back. Divine intervention is a crazy thing.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? 

-“Never fight until you have to. But when it’s time to fight, you fight like you’re the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark… and brother, it’s startin’ to rain.”

-My dad told me that and I know he stole it from some online post or something, but this is the best thing someone has ever told me. I use this advice in reference to how I work. When I am doing something, I am determined to be the best. If I set a goal, I will overachieve it.

Pretend this is the yearbook, what is your senior quote?

-Do NOT eat the gas station sushi

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