is launching a new series called “People of Huntington” where we intend to profile as many residents of the Jewel City, from as many different walks of life, as we can. In our newest installment, we talk to 31-year-old Nick Chancey.

Do you have any siblings?

Two older brothers. I’m the baby of the family.

Are you a morning or evening person? 

Evening person.

What are you most known for, especially among your friends? 

I’m most known for being Catholic. Several people call me ‘Nick the Catholic.’

What do you do in your free time? 

I love spending time with my wife. She’s my best friend. We play games together, watch shows, enjoy a fine Huntington eatery when we can. I also love going for walks at the park.

What hobby would you get into if you had the time and money?

I would travel more. I’ve never left the United States so it would be a joy to see the world. But there are also so many places here in the US I still haven’t been to yet that I’d also like to see.

If there were an Olympics for everyday activities, what would you have a good chance of winning a medal in?

I think I could win Gold in drinking coffee.

If you had enough money to not need one, what would be your “job”?

Supporting the young people of West Virginia in any way that I could. It has been and will likely continue to be my life’s work.

What are some accomplishments you’re really proud of?

My greatest accomplishment is being a good husband and father. I show up everyday. I change the diapers. I help with the chores. I play and read the books aloud. I console our toddler when she’s upset. Everything else I’ve done pales in comparison to that, especially when there are so many dads who don’t put the work in. My heart goes out to all those moms who don’t have that support.

Are you from Huntington? If not, what brings you to Huntington? 

I’m originally from Ripley, WV. I originally came to Huntington as a student at Marshall University from 2010-2015. I received my BA in History and had a life changing conversion experience from agnosticism to Catholicism. Since then I’ve devoted my life to serving God and his people here in WV. I came back to Huntington in 2019 as the Director for the Marshall Catholic Newman Center.

What are three things you like best about Huntington? 

I like Huntington’s size. My wife calls it a bite-size city. It’s large enough to have all the amenities of a city but small enough that the traffic is never too bad and you can be out in the country in a matter of minutes. I like the culture here. It’s this mashup of rural and urban which is very unique. I also love its proximity to the Ohio River. I grew up near the Ohio and it’s such a beautiful river. Watching the sun set over the water is one of my favorite views the city has to offer.

What are three things you’d like to change?

If I were to change anything it would be the storm drain system. Anyone that has lived here through a heavy rainstorm knows exactly what I’m talking about. Huntington is great but no one likes “Floodington.”

What is/are your favorite restaurant(s) in the Huntington metro? Why?

My favorite restaurant would have to be Pho U & MI. I had never had Vietnamese food before going there. The soup there is the best I’ve ever had. And the Bubble Tea is incredible. The people who run the restaurant are incredibly kind and attentive. It’s one of my favorite small businesses.

Favorite shop(s)? Why?

Inner Geek is a great shop. They have an incredible selection of books, comics, manga, as well as collectibles. They also have some amazing deals. The folks that work there are always fun to talk to as well.

What are some things everybody should try at least once?

If you’re in Huntington you have to try Grindstone Coffee. It’s the best coffee in town!

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been?

The strangest place I’ve been was the Touma Museum of Medicine. For some reason we had a Student Government Banquet there when I was a student. It’s a really fascinating museum, just not the kind of place you’d want to eat in!

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? 

The best advice I ever received was during my time working at Catholic Summer Camp. “Be where your feet are.” Don’t worry about the past. Don’t stress out about the future. Just be in the here and now. That’s where you can affect the most change. That’s how we live our best lives.

Pretend this is the yearbook, what is your senior quote?

“True love is a self-gift. It’s always sacrificial.”

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