presents: “People of Huntington,” where we intend to profile as many residents of the Jewel City, from as many different walks of life, as we can. In our newest installment, we talk to Mr. Dylan Smith, who is a video producer and director from Huntington, raised in Ceredo-Kenova.

What are you most known for, especially among your friends?

I’m always looking for new inspiration; I love movies, real deep cuts- so my friends can always count on me to show them something crazy.

What do you do in your free time?

For the past two years I’ve been directing music videos through my company GOOD TROUBLE, both for local & international artists. Recently it’s taken up more of my interest & time, so a lot of my everyday focus goes to my next video & the next artist I want to work with. I do a lot of video editing for clients, so I try to balance that with ‘goal artists’ I want to work with & my own films. Recently local rapper Shelem & I just worked with Tudor’s Biscuit World on the Find Your Wrappiness campaign which has over 1M views on socials and plays on television all over the tristate.

What hobby would you get into if you had the time and money?

I’d love to make some independent feature films, explore satire & longform narrative. Maybe dig into the horror genre.

If there were an Olympics for everyday activities, what would you have a good chance of winning a medal in?

Analyzing movies, breaking a scene down and really figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I love older films.

If you had enough money to not need one, what would be your “job”?

On-Screen Directing- I love working with people, trying to bring out the best in them and break down their walls, it’s my passion truly.

What are some accomplishments you’re really proud of?

Recently Fijimacintosh, a hip-hop artist from Atlanta featured on Trippie Redd’s most recent album, flew into Huntington to work with me. We shot a music video in Spring Valley & recorded an interview in Huntington, it was super dope. The week after Fiji came into town, BigBabyGucci flew in from LA and I directed an Eyes Wide Shut inspired music video in the Keith Albee for him. Both of those videos are out now, I’m super proud of them, one is called VETEMENTS and the other is BELLY OF THE BEAST– but this Fall I have a really mesmerizing video dropping with Atlanta artist Nessly that we shot here in town as well. I think people will be really surprised at what we were able to do.

What are three things you like best about Huntington?

  • The serendipity- almost anywhere you go out, you can count on seeing someone you know.
  • The camaraderie- if you treat them right, people in this town will feel more like your family than some of your actual family.
  • The hospitality- I wouldn’t be able to do ANY of the video projects I do without help from local business owners, family, and peers around town, truly most people here want to help.

What are three things you’d like to change?

Local Venue & Events neglect the local hip-hop scene. Hip-Hip brings the crowds, we have some unbelievable concert halls in town and such a huge college youth presence; the local venues & events do not cater towards the youth at all. Pinball Wizard & Big Green Tractor, two songs I heard played at recent unsuccessful live events in town, are obviously not going to bring large crowds anymore. I’d love to see something like the FunnyBone make a comeback! On that same note, I’d love a nightclub, not somewhere grimey, but truly somewhere to dance & let loose that doesn’t play anything country or rock.

What is/are your favorite restaurant(s) in the Huntington metro? Why?

  • Tudor’s of course! Because you just can’t beat a Mary B with melted cheese.
  • I love East Flavor, best Asian food in town, hands down!
  • Schooners Bar & Grille, you can’t beat that view.

Favorite shop(s)? Any local and/or small businesses you’d like to acknowledge?

  • Special shoutout to Orbits Records, Adam is incredible & always gives me insane recommendations that I never regret.
  • Purple Earth Comics, the perfect niche comic store owned by the best guy ever, shoutout to John!
  • I truly love the Inner Geek in Pullman Square too, just such a good spot to browse for nostalgia.

What is a food you’ve had that you enjoy that you can’t find in Huntington?

  • Oxtail, I’d love to have a Jamaican spot in town.
  • Zaxby’s… I think I could keep Zaxby’s in business single handedly.

What are some things everybody should try at least once?

Experiencing entertainment outside of Huntington, to see what’s possible to bring back here.

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever been?

Huntington Speedway at night is pretty wild, almost like a surreal circus.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

“If you don’t know what to shoot at, shoot anyways, even if it’s too dark to see what you’re aiming at, pull the trigger just to hear the gun go off.”

Pretend this is the yearbook, what is your senior quote?


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