Written by Aaron-Michael Fox.

National College Colors Day 2022 will be on Friday, September 2. College Colors Day is all about wearing your college team’s colors and apparel loud and proud and showcasing them on social media using the hashtag #CollegeColorsDay.

Started in 2004, College Colors Day is an initiative of the College Licensing Company, the official branding entity for college athletics, and is held annually on the Friday before Labor Day.

There is a lot of history behind the different colors that college football teams in America wear. You can spend hours on end reading about this, and this is certainly one of the more interesting ways to spend National College Colors Day.

Marshall University first adopted its colors around 1915 and they were immediately so important to the school that the early athletic teams were often simply called the “Big Green” (before 1915, Marshall was known as the “Indians” with the colors of black and blue).

Marshall fans are encouraged to wear the University’s official colors of Kelly green, white, and black on September 2, 2022.

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