Written by Aaron-Michael Fox.

As one tends to do during the summer when the students are gone and Huntington loses a little bit of its youthful luster, I’ve lately been thinking back on some of the highpoints in the history of Marshall athletics. So I decided to compile a list of what I consider to be the greatest, or most iconicmoments for the Thundering Herd. The list begins below the ad.

20. Marco leading the Thundering Herd onto the field carrying the Stars and Stripes. 

Photo: Joshua Murdock

19. Softball under coach Shonda Stanton. 560 wins over 18 seasons, a conference championship, and a trip to the national tournament isn’t too shabby of a record. 

Photo courtesy HerdZone.com

18. If you ask an old timer, any time at the old Fairfield Stadium was noteworthy, but the time the live Marco escaped will really stand out. 

17. Vinny Curry dressed as Ric Flair on Up Late with Jamie LoFiego. 

16. Joan C. Edwards Stadium which has so far hosted five national championships and seven conference championships. 

Photo courtesy HerdZone.com

15. “Terminator Marco” during the 1991 National Championship. 

Photographer unknown

14. Cam Henderson, inventor of the 2-3 Zone defense and the “fast break” offense in basketball. He also happened to coach football and baseball at the same time. 

Photo courtesy MU Archives

13. Doc Holliday bleeding for his team at the Purdue game in 2012. 

12. Byron Leftwich carried down the field by his linemen during the Akron game in 2002. 

11. Matthew McConaughey’s speech before the Xavier Game in We Are Marshall

10. Bruce Morris hitting the longest shot in college basketball history at 89’10” in length at the Cam Henderson Center on February 7, 1985. 

Longest Shot in NCAA History

32 years ago this month, Bruce Morris of Marshall University hit the longest shot in NCAA basketball history on Feb. 7, 1985 at the Cam Henderson Center in Huntington. Marshall would end up winning the game 93-82 over Appalachian State. *The announcer is incorrect. The shot was actually 89'10" in length. #WildAndWonderful #WV #GoToWV

Posted by Vintage West Virginia on Monday, February 13, 2017

9. The Randy Moss years. 

8. Chad Pennington at the Heisman ceremony in 1999. 

Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated.

7. Marshall football topples South Carolina on a last second field goal in 1998.

6. Marshall men’s basketball wins its first conference championship under coach Dan D’Antoni and advances to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 31 years.


5. Marshall men’s basketball gets its first ever NCAA Tournament win over Wichita State in 2018. 

4. A year after taking down the Gamecocks of South Carolina, the Herd declawed the Clemson Tigers in 1999. 

3. The game winning touchdown over Xavier in 1971. 

2. The 1992 National Championship

1. For number one, I’m going to cheat and say the greatest moment in Herd sports is any moment that makes you jump like McConaughey in the movie. 

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