Written by Alexis Faye. 

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Twilight of the Idols aka How to Philosophize with a Hammer.

Music is a staple in most people’s daily lives. Living in Huntington, you might know a musician. You probably have a favorite local band.

I had lived in Huntington four years before I got into the music scene. I checked out The Horse Traders in 2015 and was hooked from the first song. Not only hooked on the band, but on the whole atmosphere. The many people in that bar having the best time automatically drew me in. Two years on, The Horse Traders have played their last show, but their memory lives on because for a lot of people, they were so much more than a band.

The band Dawes has a song called “All Your Favorite Bands” and it’s a song that reminisces about people the narrator has met while being in a band. The sentiment of the song being: “may all your favorite bands stay together.” When asked in an interview about the song and its meaning, they didn’t go into it much, only said it was very intimate.

I happen to resonate with the song quite a bit. Telling someone that you hope their favorite bands stay together? That’s a beautiful thing to me.

My life is full of music. I have no musical abilities but I photograph musicians, take videos, manage fan pages (Tyler Childers Official Fan Club, Arlo McKinley Fans, Justin Wells fan page) and above all, I promote, promote, promote. I’m constantly sharing music events, turning people onto musicians or just reminding them to keep looking for their next favorite act.

So why am I rambling about Dawes? Because Huntington’s local music scene is one of the best, without a doubt. And I want her bands to stay together. My opinion you say? Well yeah, this is my block to write my piece.

In September, I went to Nashville for a few days to see Tyler Childers’ first night in residency at The Basement. He played every Monday in the month, but his debut night was something special. Tyler played solo and acoustic for almost 2 and ½ hours nonstop.

Prior to my visit, I befriended full time Nashville resident Crystal Rhoten on Facebook due to our shared music interests and mutual friends. Through Crystal and her connections, I got to spend some time around major Nashville musicians like Darrin Bradbury, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Brent Cobb, and Caroline Spence.

Despite seeing all of their support for one another, I can still confidently say that the music scene in Huntington is as tight, if not tighter, than any other scene I have been around. It’s always great to be able to go to a show and see people from other bands there to support whomever is playing. Equally great is seeing musicians praising each other on social media and sharing events.

My favorite part of my life is watching people fall in love with my friends when they’re on stage. It is a really magical thing. I like bringing fans together and helping people hear new music. So, I’ll be keeping you up to date on upcoming shows, showcasing some photography from these shows, interviewing some local musicians, and profiling a musician once a month or so. All of this being said, I’m excited to be your “guide” to the Huntington music scene!

Photos by Alexis Faye.

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