Written by Aaron-Michael Fox.

According to AthlonSports.com, a big part of college football is the pageantry, and a big part of the pageantry is the uniforms. School colors run deep, often representing the cities, states, and communities these teams represent. So their uniforms are meaningful. That was a big part of the equation when the website picked the top 25 uniforms in the country.

Photo by Joshua Murdock.

With 131 FBS programs and 125 FCS programs at the Division I level, there are a lot of uniforms and color combinations to choose from when picking the “best.” For the Athlon Sports list, they used the criteria of “clean, unique, and iconic.”

“A clean uniform is one that doesn’t have too much going on, but everything seems to pop,” said Athlon Sports. “If there is a lot going on, it better be unique, and the details need to have meaning. And of course, a uniform qualifies as iconic when it’s easily identifiable — even to the casual fan.”

Photo by Joshua Murdock.

The Marshall Thundering Herd’s home green uniforms came in at #22 on this year’s list:

“I don’t know if there’s another green uniform in the country that pops like the Kelly green kits the Thundering Herd wear on Saturdays. It’s a clean, unique, and functional look, topped off by beautiful bright white helmets and the recognizable block “M.” Few Group of 5 programs have as much pride, history, and tradition in their programs as Marshall. The uniforms are a big part of that.”

I’m sure I speak for all of Herd Nation when I say I can’t wait to see what the Herd Equipment team rolls out for Marshall’s first season in the Sun Belt Conference!

Read the full top-25 list from Athlon Sports HERE.

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