Written by Aaron-Michael Fox.

The West Virginia State Police are routinely recognized by national media outlets for having some of the best looking cruisers in the United States. Even though the WVSP doesn’t technically have a detachment in downtown Huntington, they are still a familiar sight to Marshall fans as they escort the Thundering Herd everywhere they need to go. So, if you’d indulge me, I wanted to take a look at some of my favorite state police cars through the years. Other than #16, all photos are courtesy of the WVSP archives.

16. GTA 5 Cruiser.

I see no better way to start this off than with the WVSP skin from Grand Theft Auto 5. I honestly don’t play many video games, so I don’t know if this is standard, or an add-on/customization, but I like it.


15. 1963: West Virginia’s 100th birthday.

14. A Trooper with his cruiser in 1924.

13. 1930s.

You don’t see too many convertible police cars in 2019.

12. Troopers with their new Ford cruisers in front of the State Capitol circa 1950.

11. Sgt. Stanley O. Perrine (left) and an unknown Trooper with their 1954 Chevrolet cruiser no. 52.

10. A Trooper with his 1955 Plymouth Savoy cruiser.

9. Troopers with their new Ford cruisers in 1959.

8. A Trooper with his cruiser in 1971

7. 1970s on Interstate 64.

Note the old method of numbering exits in order from the state line instead of the current method of using mileage.

6. Late 1980s.

What can I say other than “Umm, no.”

5. 1988 Trooper with Cruiser

That’s more like it.

4. Troopers with their new green(!) Ford cruisers in front of the Greenbrier circa 1950.

3. Two Troopers with their cruiser circa 1920s.

Notice the “Chicago Typewriter” mounted on the side of the windshield.

2. Three Troopers in their 1937 convertible.

I’m told that less than 100 of these Ford Roadsters were ever built.

1. The modern cruiser.

You didn’t think I’d go this whole article without working in another plug for Marshall University did you?

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